A Different Kind Of Christmas Gift

I was in the elevator at work and someone I didn’t recognize asked me, “Are you John Stepper?” When I confirmed I was indeed me, she mentioned she had read Working Out Loud. Then she offered one of the best testimonials possible:

“I gave a copy to my husband. He could use it.”

She went on to say that her husband was looking for something different, something more in his career, and she thought the book would help him take a step.

I’ve given away a few hundred books to different kinds of people. People trying to build a business, or who want to change jobs, or are seeking to feel better about the job they have.

What I’m saying each time is this:

I hope this helps you discover even more possibilities.

If you want something more out of work or life, this can help you take a step.

If you already own the book, consider sharing it with someone. If you want to keep your copy, get one for someone you care about.

But here’s the important part. Write a personal note inside. Tell them how you appreciate them and want them to be happy and fulfilled. Tell them you support them. Tell them you believe in them.

That kind of encouragement is one of the most meaningful gifts we have to offer, and it’s a gift anyone would love to receive.