A Vision For Working Out Loud

Note: This is the first day of “International WOL Week” (yes, it’s a grandiose title for a fledgling movement!). So I’m going to try something different and publish a short post each day. Next week, I’ll revert to posting on Wednesday. 

What, really, is the point of working out loud? Why is it a practice worth spreading?

I originally wrote the book for individuals who were searching for something, and I dedicated Working Out Loud to them.

For those who’ve felt there could be more to work and life.

Lately, I’ve been talking with large organizations who see Working Out Loud as a way to become better too. A way to have more effective, digital-savvy employees. To be more agile and make better use of the collective knowledge in the firm. To become learning organizations with open, generous, connected cultures.

And last week, I got a note from a young man in Sierra Leone that made me want to think bigger and more broadly.

My vision for the Working Out Loud movement is this:

Collectively, we will help millions of people develop the practice of Working Out Loud.

We’ll do it to help individuals access a better career and life,

to help the work of organizations be more effective and fulfilling,

and to make the planet feel like a more connected, humane place.

In the next three days, I want to share each of these perspectives - individual, organizational, and global. On Friday I’ll describe a way we can accelerate our progress.

Thank you - for your interest in working out loud, for developing the habit yourself, and for spreading the practice.

The 3 perspectives of WOL

The 3 perspectives of WOL