Circle Guides Complete! And Two Favors…

Last month, I posted the first sections of the latest version of the circle guide. Now the guide is complete, and it has some important enhancements over the earlier versions. There’s now a simple set of instructions for each of the 12 weeks, and each section includes:

  • a clear objective
  • a suggested agenda
  • exercises
  • discussion points
  • answers to common questions
  • links to suggested reading

It's both easier to follow and more complete, and the guide for each week can fit on just 2 double-sided sheets of paper.

All feedback appreciated

All feedback appreciated

Favor #1: Critical feedback please!

A few weeks ago, someone sent me email apologizing that they had found a typo in one of the guide sections. Apologize? I was eager to thank her!

Your feedback on the guides - from mistakes to exercises you don’t like to topics I’ve missed or mistreated - is invaluable to making the guides better for future circles. So please don’t think of your critical feedback as criticizing me. Think of it as a contribution that can help future circle members.

Favor #2: Positive feedback please!

If you enjoyed the book or found your circle experience useful, consider writing a review on Amazon. I’ve counted 23 reviews so far on the different Amazon sites, and each one of them makes a difference.

It’s a contribution to me for sure. And each review is also is a signal to other people that they might find working out loud useful too.

Thank you

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Thank you.