Dear reader

Thank you. I appreciate the time you spend reading what I write. I’m still nervous every Saturday morning when I hit the “Publish” button. But, after 75 posts, I’ve come to love writing them.

Looking back, I was curious to see which posts are the most popular and how they compare to the ones I liked writing or thought were most practical.

I thought you might be curious, too.

The 5 posts you liked the most 

Here are the top 5 posts in terms of views. “Working out loud” is the most popular by far with almost triple the views of any other post.

  1. “Working out loud”: Your personal content strategy
  2. When your audience says: “No time. No money. No thanks.”
  3. It’s about time: How changing a keystone habit at work might change everything
  4. Relationships and reputation in the enterprise: a course outline
  5. Why smart managers do stupid things

The 5 posts I most liked writing

Some posts are a joy to write. In some, I'm simply sharing stories or things I love. Others are cathartic essays, channeling a past frustration into a contribution that might help others.

  1. How’s work?
  2. When are the best years of your life?
  3. 10 gifts for that special someone (you)
  4. Hope in action: the story of the Makenaizou
  5. An idea for saving $10,000,000 + 10,000 lives
  6. 3 lessons from a forced career change
  7. The paradox of “they”

(Yes, I know there are 7, but I had difficulty choosing. :-))

The 5 most useful posts

At work, I find myself referring to certain posts - about life skills, commercial value, and tactics - over and over again. They've proven useful to people trying to change themselves or their firm.

  1. On presenting well
  2. Why you should write more (and the single best tip for doing so)
  3. The best approach to building relationships
  4. “Collective efficiency” - from possibilities to programs
  5. Driving enterprise change in a scalable way (Part 1 of 2)

Thank you

I am in your debt. Writing for you has opened up new possibilities for me and new ways of thinking. I’m more intellectually curious than ever. More social. More committed to making a difference, starting by making work better - more effective and more fulfilling.

I bet you didn’t know your reading a blog could do all that.

Thank you.