Two new WOL Coaches in Austria & Switzerland!

I am thrilled to announce two new WOL Coaches: Barbara Wietasch in Austria and Stefanie Moser in Switzerland. Both of them are longtime contributors to the WOL Community, full-time independent coaches, and lovely people! I’ve enjoyed working with them this year and look forward to many more projects together.

Here are a few words that Barbara and Stefanie chose to include on the WOL Coach webpage, where you can also find their contact details and links to more information.

“Barbara lives in Austria and, after her first WOL experiences, decided to spread the word by coordinating the translation of the Circle Guides into Spanish. For more than 15 years, Barbara has been helping companies in Austria, Germany, East Europe, Mexico & Spain with learning & development programs, and has already led the first WOL implementation in an Austrian Public Health Organization. Through WOL, her relations, visibility, and growth mindset have changed in a very positive way, and she loves to share her experiences as coach and facilitator.”

“Stefanie is based in Switzerland, and made her first WOL steps in 2017. Convinced of the potential, she soon played a key role in building up the WOL community in Switzerland. She hosts a monthly virtual meetup and works together with Sabine Kluge on German-Swiss meetups. After many years in organizational development, Stefanie founded her own consulting company in 2014. Her focus as transformation expert lays on using the wisdom of all the organization on their journeys. Her purpose is simple: work with joy.”

I am deeply grateful to all the WOL Coaches for their support and contributions. There are now 10 WOL Coaches in what has been a successful pilot program this year. In 2020, I’ll look to launch a larger, more formal program that will accept applicants. If you want to register your interest in such a program, send email to

WOL in Switzerland

Though Switzerland is only about a third of the size of Ohio, their impact on the world is remarkable. The latest difference they’re making is related to Working Out Loud.

Remarkable companies

One of the fastest-growing WOL movements is being spread by Roche in Basel, with more than 350 people in 18 countries in less than 6 months. It’s an incredible beginning.

A diverse and growing group of organizations is also spreading Circles, including Swisscom, Helvetia, Swiss Post, the Swiss transportation company SBB, and even the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Remarkable events

One reason I find this list of companies remarkable is that it was just last October when I visited Switzerland for the first time, thanks to the Swiss Social Collaboration Summit. The audience was curious about WOL, but there were very few Circles then.

Now, there are regular WOL-CH Meet-ups run by Monika Schlatter and Stefanie Moser held on the 3rd Friday of each month, and there’s a special Meet-up for beginners at Helvetia coming up on August 28th. I asked Stefanie why she does it.

I love to inspire people to experiment, to be curious and interested in life-long learning. WOL is a brilliant method to learn those new behaviors together with a group in a safe space and to actually get things done.

There’s even a two-day workshop in Basel for WOL Mentors on August 27-28, organized and delivered by Kluge Consulting. Participants from the last Mentor training in Berlin said it inspired and equipped them to build and grow their own WOL movements. If you’re in a Swiss company and want to spread WOL, this upcoming workshop is a remarkable opportunity.

A remarkable WOL Coach

Martin Geisenhainer is the first WOL Coach in Switzerland. He is a Learning Architect at Swisscom, and has been engaged in learning and knowledge programs for 20 years. He’s also an organizer of the Swiss Social Collaboration Summit, where we worked together last year and where he’ll offer multiple sessions on Working Out Loud in November.

Martin is smart and kind and generous. I enjoy working with him and relish our time together in a WOL: SC Circle. His deep experience and wonderful approach makes him a perfect person to help Swiss organizations.

A remarkable start

For WOL in Switzerland, it has been an incredible few months. The only thing more remarkable will be what happens next.