Working Out Loud at Westpac Group

Westpac Group is a financial services company based in Australia whose 30,000 employees serve over 13 million customers. Yesterday, I came across a video they made about Working Out Loud. 

It's excellent, and it amazes me that a company I’ve never worked with has embraced the practice in this way. In just over three minutes, they clearly explain what Working Out Loud is and why they do it.

“True teamwork and collaboration is about building relationships, so that you’re able to reach out to the right people at the right time in order to connect, share, and solve…
Adopting the Working Out Loud principles will help you get things done and make your work better.”

If you’re trying to explain Working Out Loud to people at your company, this would be a great video to share. 

Update: The astute reader will notice the video has been removed from YouTube.

I got a gracious note from Vanessa Hudson who posted the video originally, graciously thanking me for blogging about it but letting me know it hadn't been intended for public viewing. Perhaps Westpac will put it on their official channel in the future, as I think it shows them to be an open, connected organization. Perhaps also I'll get a chance to speak to Vanessa and others there, to help them form WOL circles and spread the behaviors they talked about so eloquently in the video.

Uploaded by Vanessa Hodson on 2016-08-15.