Who’s Working Out Loud? (Some statistics)

A recent look at Google Analytics gave me a sense for who’s visiting workingoutloud.com. Roughly 45,000 people have spent time on the site, and growth has been accelerating. Some of the numbers were surprising to me, so I figured I would share them.


The gender split is remarkably even. I would have assumed the percentage of women would be higher, as I personally see more women joining Working Out Loud Circles, but I would have been wrong.


Though I’m based in New York City, I was still surprised to see the US as the location of most visitors. It feels to me like Germany is more active, but again the data doesn’t support that. I do know there are more German companies spreading WOL Circles. Once WOL is spreading inside a company, people tend to get all the WOL resources they need (like the Circle Guides) on their intranet instead of workingoutloud.com.


I often say WOL isn’t just for the young or for people who like social media, and this chart seems to support that, in part at least. It feels reasonably representative of the workforce.  


More than a third of the people visiting workingoutloud.com do so from from a phone or tablet, and I expect that to increase. The data also shows that people spend less time viewing material on mobile devices.

Other data & a conclusion

There’s one more thing I’d like to know but can’t: How many people have experienced a WOL Circle? 

The reason I can't figure this out is that, as I alluded to earlier, most Circles are inside companies, and most companies put the free guides on their intranet or work with me to create custom versions. So while I can track downloads from workingoutloud.com, it’s a fraction of the total. My guess is that approximately 10,000 people have joined a Circle. 

My takeaway from all this data is that Working Out Loud is gradually spreading, reaching more people in more places. It’s a good start, and yet there’s a lot to do to make the kind of difference we want to make. 

What do you think? What else would you like to know?