The First Course & Certification Program For Working Out Loud

Update: Registration for the free pilot program will be open till the end of November so more people have a chance to comment. At that time, we'll fill the few spots we have open and I'll notify everyone. Thank you for your interest! If we want to help millions of people work out loud - individuals, companies, and organizations that make the planet better - we’re going to need more people who can spread the practice.

Here’s something that will help.

Helping people help themselves

It’s important to me that anyone can readily develop the practice themselves. That’s why the circle guides and online community are free and the book is inexpensive.

But what if you want more help than that? Perhaps you’re an independent consultant trying to help your clients work out loud. Or you’re inside an organization and trying to spread the practice there. What if you want to customize everything for your specific organization’s tools, culture, and kind of work?

I’ve helped some companies directly and will continue to do more of that. With some training and support, though, more people could take what’s available, build on it, and spread working out loud as a practice.

The program

The program I plan on offering includes three elements: training, certification, and support.

The training will be delivered online over the course of a week, with live instruction from me for two hours each day. There will be new material and exercises prepared specifically for the course.

The certification requires that, beyond completing the training, you’ve participated in a circle and have already made an effort to spread the practice (e.g., by delivering this presentation) People who are certified will be listed on

There will also be 6 months of support after the training. This will include, at a minimum, monthly live calls and email support. It’s important that practitioners (and their organizations) know they can get ongoing help as they are implementing their own Working Out Loud programs.

WOL Training and Certification

WOL Training and Certification

Testing the idea

I intend to test this idea by offering the course and certification program for free in January. If it works, we’ll offer it again later in the year, perhaps May and October, for a fee. The tentative date is the week of January 25th, and the times 10a - noon NY time so it overlaps with Europe in the late afternoon. If there’s enough interest, I’ll add a session for APAC timezones later in the year.

Based on this pilot, we may add additional elements like in-person meet-ups, a private community (where people can be more open about work in their organizations), and ways practitioners can contribute by sharing their work and evolving the practice. We may well learn we need to adjust the format significantly.

If you’re interested in joining and shaping this program, please leave a comment below. Given it’s an initial offering, there may only be ten or so openings, and I apologize if we can’t include everyone who wants to participate.

Thank you in advance for your interest and any suggestions you'd like to offer.