News! Circle guides available & more



This week I wanted to share four bits of good news. Each one is a step towards helping more people work out loud for a better career and life.

Circle guides now available

A working out loud circle is the best peer support group for your career. The guides will help you form your own group and develop the habit of working out loud towards a goal you care about. There are already circles in 5 countries, and now it’s easier than ever for you to form one.

You can download the first part of the guide here. To get the rest of the guide, just subscribe to If you’re already a subscriber, send an email to and say “Give me the guide!”

Final draft of “Working Out Loud” sent to the copyeditor

Woohoo! Thanks to the feedback from readers here and to some difficult collaboration over the past few months, the book is finally something I’m proud of. It should be on Amazon in 10-12 weeks as both a paperback and ebook.

Employee network groups beginning to form circles

Employee network groups are starting to host events based on “a career talk that everyone should hear.” If you have a women’s network or millenials' network, for example, and want help creating such an event, contact me at

New Facebook group to ask, share, and connect

We want to make it easy for people to ask questions and share stories and challenges. This new Facebook group can help. It’s also a good place to share photos of your circle and of you working out loud. For example, you’ll see me working hard on the book at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Working out loud is a small global movement now. These four steps just helped that movement get a bit bigger.

Thank you.