A new 6-week course to help you Work Out Loud

It starts on Thursday, June 9th, and it will answer two of the most common questions people ask about Working Out Loud circles:

“How can I start one?”

“How can I learn to facilitate them?”

So far, most circles have formed in large organizations, where you can host an event to form circles and there are options for customizing materials and training people. 

Now, if you’re independent or otherwise looking for a smaller step, this course provides an easy way to experience a circle yourself and get coaching on how to facilitate them.


The course runs over 6 consecutive Thursdays for 90 minutes. We picked a starting time that could be convenient in a wide range of cities. 

  • US Pacific Time(e.g., San Francisco): 8am
  • US Eastern (e.g., New York): 11am
  • GMT+1 (e.g., London): 4pm
  • GMT+2 (e.g., Germany): 5pm


I’ll be delivering the course with Helen Sanderson Associates and Mara Tolja. HSA is based in the UK and their business is supporting organizations to deliver person-centered change. Mara is in the book and formed one of the very first circles. All the people working on the course went through a certification course together in January.

This first course can accommodate up to 50 people, who will be grouped into circles with four or five members. To participate, all you need is a computer with Internet access and a camera so you can join via video.

How it works

Each Thursday we’ll cover two weeks of the 12-week circle guides. The 90 minutes will be divided into coaching time, circle time, and Q&A. 

In the first session on June 9th, for example, we’ll begin as one large group. I’ll open with what you can anticipate in Weeks 1 & 2 of the guides, and how best to prepare for your first circle meeting. Then each circle will form via video, to work their way through an accelerated version of the guides developed specifically for the course.

Throughout the course, circle members also interact with each other and with coaches using Slack, a free team messaging app you can use on your smart phone or computer. The Slack group will be open for eight weeks - a week before the course to meet people, and for a week after the course ends.

After about an hour, the entire group comes back together for facilitation training - things to watch out for and how to deal with them. We’ll end each session with a short open Q&A.

After six sessions, you’ll have completed the process and deepened relationships towards a goal you care about. For some of you that will be enough. Others will choose to form another circle right away, perhaps with the same people. Some will want to take what they’ve learned about facilitating circles to spread more of them.

The why

Combined, the elements of Working Out Loud are like a superpower, but it’s one that most people don’t know they have or aren’t comfortable using. 

The reason for creating this course is to help more people take a step and experience the benefits I’ve seen and experienced myself. It’s a first attempt at creating something truly scalable, something we can replicate around the world, so that many, many more people discover their superpower and unlock a better career and life.