Equipping people to make the world a better place

WOL for the planet

WOL for the planet

The first email was from someone in Sierra Leone, and I wondered if it was a mistake. Then a follow-up message came from Tanzania, and now it was clear they had the right guy.

They were interested in working out loud to make the world a better place. And they got my attention.

The notes were from young professionals in a management program at a leading humanitarian organization. It’s a highly selective program, with members located in countries around the world. They work on projects like “confronting the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone” and “defending children’s rights everywhere.” The expectations are high and the stakes are even higher. But it’s difficult work, and they can struggle to find the people and knowledge they need to be effective.

“We have to deliver across our teams at a country level and build networks at a global level…we need to share information, lessons learnt, best practices and communicate across the board — we need to work out loud.“

They need this for their projects as well as for their own careers. “As individuals, these are also skills that we need to master.” So they asked if I would talk with them.

“I am actually hoping that this could be the beginning of a discussion with our organization globally on the WOL concept and its potential for our work.”

I’m hoping for that too, so I said yes right away and sent them electronic copies of the book.

The simple practice of working out loud can help individuals and companies. The greatest benefit would be to equip people in organizations like the one that contacted me, organizations “that have the potential to change the lives of millions,” to help them make the kind of difference they’re aspiring to make.