UPDATE: The First Course & Certification Program for Working Out Loud

Last month, I announced a pilot program for people wanting to spread the practice of working out loud inside their organizations and for consultants who want to help their clients.

Over 70 people signed up for the 10 spots I had planned to offer.

That’s a great response but presents the problem of saying no to most of the people who expressed an interest. Here’s a quick update on who I selected and what to do next.

WOL Training and Certification

WOL Training and Certification

The program

For those of you who may have missed it, here’s a short summary of the program:

The program I plan on offering includes three elements:

The training will be delivered online over the course of a week, with live instruction from me for two hours each day. There will be new material and exercises prepared specifically for the course.

The certification requires that, beyond completing the training, you’ve participated in a circle and have already had experience spreading it (e.g., by delivering this presentation). People who are certified will be listed on workingoutloud.com.

The program includes 6 months of support after the training. Thiswill include, at a minimum, monthly live calls and email support,

How I selected people

Being chosen for the pilot wasn’t intended to be a contest or competition of any kind. The reason for keeping the pilot so small is that it’s so new and untested. I largely selected people who are already spreading the practice in some way and thus in a good position to shape the program.

The pilot program will be held the week of January 25th, Monday through Friday, from 10a - Noon NY time so it overlaps with European timezones. I’ve contacted the people selected to attend. Some of them care so much they’ll join from Australia and New Zealand despite the very inconvenient hours for them.

If you weren’t selected yet

Even without the course, you can still spread the practice for free by using the circle guides and by participating in the practitioners’ community. If you’re trying to spread the practice in your organization, I’ll also help you wherever I can.

If the program proves to be useful, I expect to offer it again in 2016 for a fee. If there’s enough interest, I’ll add a session for APAC timezones as well.

In the meantime, the single best thing you can do is to form a Working Out Loud circle. Even if you’ve done it before, the more experience you have with different people, goals, and challenges, the better you’ll be prepared to spread the practice.

If you want to get experience hosting an event at your organization, contact me and I’ll help you.

The next steps

The next step is preparing material specific to the course, coordinating logistics and technology, and getting ready for January 25th. I’m hoping and expecting that the people in the program will shape it. Some already have.

Based on the pilot, we may well learn the course doesn’t work or we need to adjust the format significantly. Or as participation grows, we may also add additional elements like in-person meet-ups, or even a conference.

This is just one small step in scaling the Working Out Loud movement. The more trained and certified people we have, the more we can adapt this simple practice to all sorts of organizations and all kinds of work.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make Working Out Loud spread as far as it has, and for helping even more people in the future.