WOL Circle Guides now in French

An incredibly dedicated group of volunteers wanted to make it easier for French speakers to Work Out Loud, so over the past few months they translated the WOL Circle Guides

It’s a tremendous amount of effort. In addition to the work of translating, proofreading, and editing, there are all the challenges of navigating the different opinions, work styles, and busy schedules of people in different companies and countries. 

I asked them, “Why would you do such a thing?” Most said it was because they enjoyed their WOL Circle, and they wanted to help others experience it. 

“Having the WOL Circle Guides in French will open the potential of the WOL Method to our colleagues and beyond.”
“I hope that the French WOL method will spread a new way of collaborating as we did for the translation. This shows how it is possible to go ahead together without knowing each other.”

They wrote a blog post about what they did, and I smiled at the last lines. 

“Now the guides are ready to be read in the language of Molière, and I hope it will touch many persons and increase the chances they benefit from the method.
It doesn’t feel like the end but rather, as Humphrey Bogart said to Louis Renault in the movie Casablanca, it’s “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between WOL and the French-speaking community.”

I am deeply grateful to everyone who contributed, and look forward to thanking each of the them in person someday. I hope these guides help spark a WOL movement in France and beyond.


Christine Montes

Fiona Michaux

Marie Dalleur

Marie-Anne Schroeder

Proofreading & more:

Aude Latreille

Celine Sauriac

Charline Lomba

Howard Joanne

Malika Boussetta

Marc Van de Velde

Monique Roullet

Vincent Kosiba

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