The most useful resources for working out loud

While some people might like my blog posts about working out loud or the book that’s coming out, others won’t. Luckily for them, there’s a wide range of resources to choose from. Books? Maybe your favorites include Show Your Work by Austin Kleon or (a very different) Show Your Work by Jane Bozarth.

Short articles? Perhaps the post that helped you the most is the one by Harold Jarche about getting started, or by Stan Garfield on benefits, or by Bryce Williams on use cases.

Videos? You might like this one by Simon Terry on creating a habit of working out loud, or this one by a large HR association on how they practice it.

There’s even at least one PhD dissertation: “Developing a Method for Measuring ‘Working Out Loud’” by Dennis Pearce.

What are the best resources for working out loud?

So this week I want to ask you: What are the best resources for working out loud?

It could be a book, article, video, infographic, or even a person you follow. Post your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll categorize and curate them in a newly dedicated section on this website for all the best resources, whoever creates them.

And the best resources are...

And the best resources are...

Epilogue: “Who is behind working out loud?”

A few weeks ago, Simon Terry wrote about working out loud and it led to a short conversation on Twitter.

Twitter discussion on April 8

Twitter discussion on April 8

Simon’s answer captures it well. My hope is that Working Out Loud becomes a movement, and the best kinds of movements are inclusive.

If we’re going to help millions of people get more out of work and life, we’ll need all the help we can get.