Top 10 signs your social business effort isn’t about business

When it comes to using social tools and practices in the enterprise, it’s easier to preach than to practice. Easier to evangelize than to change how people work.

Ask yourself: Is your social business effort about business? Or is it about you?

Top 10 signs 

How many of these signs are familiar to you? (Alas, I scored 6 out of 10.)

  1. You’re the most active user of your social business platform.
  2. You’ve made “Social Media” a part of your job title.
  3. You’ve said “Not now, kids, I’m working!” while tweeting.
  4. Most of your time at work is spent on “raising awareness.”
  5. The link to your blog is in your email signature.
  6. After a presentation, you immediately check your Twitter mentions.
  7. You refer to social business conferences as “the circuit."
  8. You know your Klout score. (And you’ve tweeted it.)
  9. You’re already thinking about the book you’ll write.
  10. You Google yourself - a lot.

Striking a balance

Sure, part of the job is using and promoting new capabilities. It’s interesting and exciting. And much nicer than dealing with changing people’s behavior. With regulations. With measuring results.

But it's a trap. Focus instead on changing the work. If you do that well, there will be plenty to tweet about.