Why half of the audience volunteered for a 12-week program

On a snowy Tuesday evening in downtown NYC, a hundred people showed up to hear a talk about working out loud. Half of them signed up for Working Out Loud circles.

Why? And how might it matter for you?

One out of every two people

One out of every two people

A universal career talk

The talk was billed as “Building your network and career.” Despite the generic title and that I had delivered the talk before, the event was oversubscribed.

I described how most people play career roulette, and how we can all do better now. I told stories of people who work out loud and wound up making their own luck, enjoying each day a bit more while discovering new possibilities. Then I talked about how the key is changing our habits and how Working Out Loud circles could help them.

Towards the end of the talk, I pointed to signup sheets where they could join a circle and put the ideas into practice for 12 weeks toward a goal they care about.

Why would they care?

In an age where it’s hard to get someone to click on a link or pay attention throughout a conversation, I was pleasantly surprised that half of the audience volunteered to join a 12-week program based solely on one presentation.

I think the reason so many people signed up is this: People want help. More than ever, employees know there’s more uncertainty - more reorganizations and more managers in their future. They know they're responsible for their own career and that the traditional career planning advice no longer applies. And they’re unsure of what to do.

In the midst of all the uncertainty, Working Out Loud circles are empowering. They give people control over their network, their learning, and their access to opportunities.

Customizing this talk for your organization

Would people at your organization benefit from getting help with their career?

The more I give this talk and the more circles that form, the more clearly I see the ideas underpinning Working Out Loud circles are universal. Circles are a free, self-organizing, distributed way to increase employee engagement while equipping employees to build networks inside and outside the firm. At the same time, they help people develop their digital collaboration skills, something that benefits both the individual and the firm.

If you would like to deliver this talk at your company, contact me at john.stepper@workingoutloud.com and I’ll work with you.

Someone has to help the people at your firm experience a better career and life. Why not you?