“You already made my world bigger”

WOL for the individual

WOL for the individual

She’s a much-beloved piano teacher, and she’s extremely good at what she does. Her playing, too, is extraordinary. And yet, one night as a group of us were talking about work, she said something that surprised me.

“My world is too small.”

She’s so popular that I found it hard to believe. She told us she wanted something more than teaching, that she yearned for interactions with people besides the familiar students and their families.

We talked further and I offered her a copy of Working Out Loud. I thought perhaps she could build relationships with other teachers and feel more connected. I wasn’t sure.

A month later, she was carrying the book with her and it was marked with multi-colored tabs. It turns out she had been wanting to do more original compositions and the book helped her. She did a few simple exercises, started searching for composers, and began interacting with a few of them.

“You already made my world bigger,” she said.

Of course, I hadn’t done anything. She was the one brave enough to take a step. Now we’re in a Working Out Loud circle together, and she’s learning about scoring music for movies and getting in touch with independent film makers.

Individuals work out loud to access a better career and life, whatever “better” means for them. And when you help someone work out loud - a friend, a family member, a colleague - your support can empower them to expect more, to do and be more. For some people, it can set them free and set them in motion. As Seth Godin wrote recently:

“If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we've made a contribution. If we can give people the education, the tools and the access they need to reach their goals, we've made a difference.”

Who will you help? What step will you take toward your own goal?