What’s a WOL Circle?

  • 4-5 people

  • 1 hour a week

  • 12 weeks

Each week, Circle Guides (videos or PDF) include small steps that help you make progress toward a goal, build relationships, and gain confidence. By the end, you’ll have a larger network and will have developed skills, habits, and a mindset you can apply toward any goal.

Does it work?

Throughout your Circle, you become more effective because your bigger network earns you access to people, knowledge, and opportunities that can help you. You feel better too, because the steps you take each week in a confidential, psychologically safe space give you a greater sense of control, competence, and connection. All of this leads to more motivation for you, and to a more collaborative culture for your organization.

The best evidence? WOL Circles have spread to over 60 countries and a wide range of organizations including Bosch, Daimler, Roche, and hundreds of others.

A “Circle Selfie” at Week 12