Coming Soon! The WOL Library

The new Library, currently in beta, is designed to help you scale the spread of WOL in your organization. It includes for-fee programs as well as free, public content. Here’s a partial list of what’s available & under development.

  • WOL Circle Video Series

  • Circle Support (for Circle members & Mentors)

  • WOL Mentor Training Programs (Train-the-Trainer)

  • On-boarding Module

  • Manager Module

  • WOL for Leaders

For more information about the library, or to participate in the beta program, send me email at

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Community Groups, Accounts & Resources

WOL Deutschland - @WOL_de on Twitter

Working Out Loud Turkey - @WOL_TR on Twitter

Working Out Loud Switzerland - @WOL_swiss on Twitter

The WOL Wiki - “The idea behind this wiki is to provide the growing #WOL community with a collaboration platform where everyone from the community (whether newcomers or old hands) can create and share content together.”