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Sabine Kluge

Based in Berlin, Sabine is a founding member of the WOL Community of Practice in Germany and has been recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice. After 20+ years in Human Resources at Siemens, she is now a consultant & speaker on corporate transformation, agility, and HR. Her WOL story is featured in the 2nd edition of Working Out Loud.

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Barbara Schmidt

Barbara was the first-ever person to participate in WOL coaching, before WOL Circles or the book even existed, and her WOL story is featured in the 1st edition of Working Out Loud. Barbara is also a founding member of the WOL CoP in Germany, and has deep experience work with large companies there. She delivering WOL talks and workshops.

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Tanja Müller

Tanja is responsible for the first WOL implementation in a medium-sized company, Deutsche Messe in Hannover, where more than one third of the employees have participated in Circles. As a “Digital Transformation Officer Culture & Collaboration” she is responsible for the empowering and enabling the employees in the context of New Work and making the company more open minded and collaborative. Since her first contact with Working Out Loud and her own circle Tanja loves to support dedicated people in companies to introduce WOL in their companies.  WOL changed her own life in a very positive way.

Stefanie Moser

Stefanie is based in Switzerland, and made her first WOL steps in 2017. Convinced of the potential, she soon played a key role in building up the WOL community in Switzerland. She hosts a monthly virtual meetup and works together with Sabine Kluge on German-Swiss meetups. After many years in organizational development, Stefanie founded her own consulting company in 2014. Her focus as transformation expert lays on using the wisdom of all the organization on their journeys. Her purpose is simple: work with joy.

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Alexander Kluge

Alexander founded Kluge Consulting in Berlin over 20 years ago and has been helping companies throughout Europe modernize and transform ever since. He has a unique combination of skills, including leadership development, technology strategy, and hands-on implementation and adoption.

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Mara Tolja

Mara is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has been delivering WOL talks across Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and across Asia Pacific. After managing teams in London and Sydney, Mara created her own consulting company as well as a global community of change agents called Connectle that’s dedicated to connected work.

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Petra Hock

For more than 15 years, Petra has been helping companies find their way in the digital world. Based in Munich, she is now with Audi in the HR division as a trainer, coach and consultant with a focus on digital culture and transformation. She is a founding member of the Working Out Loud Community of Practice. Since 2016 WOL is an important element in her life and she loves to deliver it in talks and workshops.

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Katharina Krentz

Katharina is the first person to spread WOL in an organization, and is responsible for the largest WOL implementation anywhere, at Bosch. She is based in Stuttgart, but her programs have reached people in 50+ countries, and she has integrated WOL into a wide range of formal programs. Her founding work with the WOL Community of Practice won her an HR Excellence Award for Collaboration and Employee Engagement.


Martin Geisenhainer

Martin is the first WOL Coach in Switzerland, and has been engaged in learning and knowledge programs for 20 years. He is currently a Learning Architect at Swisscom, where he started spreading WOL in 2016. He’s also an organizer of industry events such as the Swiss Social Collaboration Summit, which focuses on new ways of working and learning together.

Barbara Wietasch

Barbara lives in Austria and, after her first WOL experiences, decided to spread the word by coordinating the translation of the Circle Guides into Spanish. For more than 15 years, Barbara has been helping companies in Austria, Germany, East Europe, Mexico & Spain with learning & development programs, and has already led the first WOL implementation in an Austrian Public Health Organization. Through WOL, her relations, visibility, and growth mindset have changed in a very positive way, and she loves to share her experiences as coach and facilitator.